Animations can tell a story, tell your customers how to do something, or illustrate difficult concepts.

Animations works wonders telling stories even if you have no idea what something will look like, if what it looks like *right now* isn't what it will look like, or if you don't have video equipment or a product to record. Let us know what you want animated, and we will get it done!

I create several different types of animations from concept to finish:

  • Process Demos illustrate how a product or process works, like an iPhone app or college application process. They help clear up mysteries about how the product works, sell a product to your customers by highlighting features, or demonstrating how a product that doesn't yet exist will work.
  • Promotional Pieces These animations promote an organization and its mission. They're most often used in on-screen displays at events, on websites, or in the waiting area of your business.
  • Title Designs go at the beginning of films, video podcasts, and web videos to introduce the video to the audience and give them a feel for what the video or film will be about. Titles are essential for introducing videos, whether they be short 5-second-long title cards or story-before-the-story film titles.
  • Holiday Greetings bring your greetings to the world, or a specific set of people. We bring your wishes to life with birthday greetings, Christmas, Hannukah, Chinese New Year greetings, birthday wishes, and much more. (我們還創建春節動畫!)